Places to Visit in England

Lake-district_3080177a-largeEngland is not a big country, which is why you can choose a location that will serve as your base and then take day trips to various destinations that are of interest to you. Below you will find some suggestions and ideas.


Bath is one of the most elegant towns in the entire country. It is a former spa town that has gorgeous crescents, which are curved long lines of homes.

Cambridge and Oxford are world-renowned University towns.

Brighton is a great destination for people that love the seaside.

Castles and Palaces

When you see England’s castles and palaces on the outside and on the inside, you will see how some very affluent people used to live in the past. Most of the castles and palaces in England belonged to the elites that either had connections to the royal family or had vast private fortunes. Such castles and palaces are typically located on the grounds with spectacular views and have a lot of history and art inside, including very rare paintings and exquisite furniture.

When in London, you can see Buckingham Palace, with is the official residence of the queen. Make sure to also visit Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle, and Hampton Court Palace.

Cathedrals and Churches

Many of ancient cathedrals and churches in the country have been in use for centuries. Their size will definitely impress you and many of the cathedrals and churches are true architectural masterpieces with stunning details and artwork.

Starting with the times of William the Conqueror English rulers have been crowned in Westminster Abbey. Other famous cathedrals include Canterbury Cathedral, Exeter Cathedral, York Minster and Wells Cathedral.

Historic Places

The recorded history of the country goes back over 2,000 years. There are very few countries on the planet that have as much preserved history as England. Some of the most famous historic places are the Tower of London, Battle in southern England, Stonehenge, and Chysauster.