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Welcome to the website about visiting England. The country has a special place in the hearts of many people. Many of the residents of such English-speaking countries such as Australia, United States, Canada and others feel a deep connection with England. There are hundreds of places all over the world that have been named after the cities, places of interest and people from England, which is the reason why for so many people a visit to England is a must and when they visit the country, they feel as if they came home.

The age and history of England are very rich and visitors get a sense of awe and wonder because of it. England is a place where you will be able to see not only modern cities and architecture but also ancient town, royal palaces, gigantic old cathedrals and legendary sites of interest. Everywhere you look there will be layers upon layers of history which is why it is possible to enjoy the country in so many ways.

On this website, you will find a lot of information about what England has to offer. London is one of the most famous cities in the world and it is the place where a lot of visitors to England go first. The country isn’t large, which is why during your visit to England you can base yourself in the capital and then take day trips to many historic sites and places of interest. These places include Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton and Cornwall.